Our team consists of ambitious and creative people whose passion is the Internet. We are passionate about creating high quality applications. Our greatest advantage is to offer individual and comprehensive approach to our clients. We know what to do to achieve clients' projects success. Our competitive advantage is quality, usability, security, mobile technologies and Internet marketing.

Why Outsource to Us?

Fact is: The outsourcing market is saturated. Then why are we here? Well, we believe we have a unique methodology that makes us successful and makes our clients love us and come back. We are guided by a believe that we deliver superior results thanks to:

High Quality

Unlike our competition, our main focus in to deliver high quality code. We are advocate of the "Build it right from the beginning" motto. This motto will avoid you countless of headaches and will actually save you money. We are cautious with your budget and make sure to build a sustainable project for the long run.

Our Talents

There are no middle men. We are the development company many US and EU-based agencies outsource to. Our people is our most valuable asset. We work with the brightest programmers, and our experienced project managers will capture your specifications and insure proper delivery of your project.


We are not only programmers. Some of us are also entrepreneurs and thus business-savvy. We recommend the best technological fit for your startup or business to match your vision and budget. In short: We will use our experience and expertise to help you build a solid technological framework for your next project.


We worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500, to sole proprietorship. Regardless of your company size, we have the resources to handle your project successfully from start to finish.


Our experience allows us to offer the best solutions to achieve your next tech-projects. We are entrepreneurs and start-up founders ourselves. We know what solutions matches your projects' goals best. Our recommendations are focused on your business objectives, and we use our knowledge about current and emerging technologies to implement solutions that will scale with your business.

Our Development Process


The project manager initiate the project scope with you during a kick-off meeting, establish a foundation of goals, and gather content.


We begin a series of internal meetings, assign roles, research, and map out the best strategy to achieve what you need.


Once the plan has been established and approved, we start the development of your project in efficient stages and delivery in the milestones we set together.


This phase involves anything needed to deploy project. In this stage we test, execute, and measure up to your desired goals.

Partners and Enterprise Clients

Maperia Wega-Projket TEDxGdansk Prestance Group Blipable Rethink Local Maperia Wega-Projket TEDxGdansk Prestance Group Blipable Rethink Local


Whether it's a website, a Facebook contest, a community management project or a mobile app, our team attacks every project with equal parts fun and function. Below are just a few favorite projects of ours from the past few years.

  • TEDxGdansk
  • Maperia / social and travel POI database
  • Wega Project - Joomla
  • Mobile application / AR (Augmented Reality)
  • Mobile application / system of emergency events
  • Web and Mobile guide for local business
  • Celeste Colibri - SPA salon website
  • Hotel Royal Baltic / Hotel SPA
  • Dating site for jeden.com

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