Did Google Hummingbird Drop Your Search Traffic?

So at this point, you’ve probably heard all about Google’s new algorithm, named Hummingbird. This was an giant change for Google, and if  you’ve seen a drop in your site activity, this could be the reason!


So what is Hummingbird? Here are the some key facts you need to know:

  1. Hummingbird is an update that understands and delivers upon ‘user intent’
  2. It additional develops the idea of conversational-based search
  3. Google is trying to copy the way we think and predict the solution it believes  we are looking for
  4. Hummingbird seem to be more targeted on an improvement to Knowledge Graph
  5. Google is currently looking to retain individuals on its SERPs for longer by gathering additional information; it is not necessarily trying to pass traffic back to websites
  6. Pages that match the meaning of a user’s search can perform more effectively than pages that just match a few words. When creating pages, a webmaster needs to ask his or herself “What is it the user needs when entering their query? Can my page match their intent?”
  7. Google has said that every word in a query is being taken into account, i.e. the whole conversation or meaning, instead of many key words.


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As usual, excellent full analysis about Google’s Hummingbird you can find here 

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