Google introduces new ‘Hummingbird’ search algorithm

The Google Hummingbird algorithm is essentially the engine of Google’s organic search results.

It understands our queries better than ever before. It has an effect on the knowledge graph and advanced search queries (especially when we ask Google questions). And it’s already in place, so we really don’t have to worry to much about upcoming algorithm or ranking changes.

Google started using Hummingbird about a month ago, it said. Google only announced the change yesterday.

From what we understand at the moment:

  • It’s call Hummingbird because it’s “exact and quick”
  • It’s a brand new “engine” but holds components of the old updates for example  penguin and panda
  • Google have said one of the greatest progression is how it returns results for “conversational location search”
  • Google have said that there’s nothing for search marketers to be concerned about – we should still be keeping on making well structured websites with great content
Learn all about Google’s announcement of Google Hummingbird, the latest development in semantic search.


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