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LUCID Architecture

What is Lucid shortly?

When developing medium-large applications, you will wonder many times how should I implement this feature or where should I put this piece of code, how hard and complicated is this project for a handover.

With Lucid you will have much less of these hassles, since everything is structrted out of the box into jobs and features.

Read more about the Lucid Architecture Concept


Microservices in Laravel

Microservices is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small parts, services accessed through APIs, as opposed to monolithic architectural style when an application is built as a single unit. It allows different microservices to be written in different programming languages, and they can also be managed by different teams. 

Use microservices when your application:

  • Is a Monolith application
  • Is hard (for some developers) to Maintain
  • Productivity is low (need to think about inter-connection all the time)
  • Scaling is an issue
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